Ulti Arena

Oct 20, 2021

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Venture Capitalists and their role in Ulti Arena

VC Basics

  • NFT Marketplace that could compete with other existing competitors, focusing on the gaming market,
  • Proof-of-Gaming: connecting non-blockchain games with crypto world, by enabling gamers to play2earn $ULTI tokens,
  • Ultimate Battle Arena: our very own trading card game with unique battle mechanism combining “Magic The Gathering”-like collecting features with innovative battle-board UI.
  • Retail Investors: individual entities who participate in the buy/sell of our tokens,
  • Business Angels: people that exited / sold their businesses and are actively investing in startups / new projects,
  • Venture Capitalists: institutional investors who invest with big returns in mind, building a back-office that’s supposed to support startup founders in their early journey,
  • Private Equity: mostly acquisitions and restructuring organized funds — big money!
VC’s and Business Angels
  • Traders in VC’s disguise: day-traders who got a sizeable portfolio and can allow themselves to invest in new token projects,
  • Equity VC’s turned Token VC’s: traditional VC-investors like A16Z, Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital who all now own at least 1 Token Fund — coming from traditional equity investment they understand perfectly the need to support entrepreneurs in their early stages,
  • Native Token VC’s: those that invested in BTC/ETH from the early beginning and now have grown so much in crypto investing that’s separated their own fund.

The reason for suspended Unicrypt Vesting for VC’s and Partners

  1. We have barely even launched the token for 2 months, and they’re already selling out majority of their vested tokens, thus we have every reason to believe that their intention was to get out early,
  2. They could easily wipe out our project at this very early phase by siphoning out the liquidity pool.
How VC’s should spend their time according to Harvard Business Review

What now?