Ultimate Battle Arena Beta Game Launch! Benders of Valor $BOV is about to open for trading!

The Ultimate Gaming Experience

Is there anything that can influence the gaming world as crypto did? That question remains unanswered. Yet UltiArena is entering the market with some pretty interesting solutions.

UltiArena was founded by gaming and crypto enthusiasts. Their tagline reads “for gamers, by gamers.” They can be expected to understand the wants and needs of gamers unlike any other company.

UltiArena’s plans are brave and promising. They strive to become a true community of gaming enthusiasts, from players to developers and tournament sponsors.

Ultimate Battle Arena

Ultimate Battle Arena is an online crypto CCG where players collect, modify, and battle NFT-based Ultimates. Players duel other players with decks of 15 Cards. Winners earn Benders of Valor ($BOV) Tokens. Those tokens can then be used inside the game or withdrawn. Ultimate Battle Arena joins online emotions of competing against other players with real-life outcomes for an even bigger adrenaline rush.

Join the Revolution

The gaming world is constantly evolving to incorporate new concepts and ideas. Yet, competitive card games seem immune to all those changes, only adopting what’s best in them. With the crypto and gaming industry joining forces investing in crypto collectible card games seems like a very reasonable thing to do.

If the above makes your heart go faster and you would like to be a part of a shift of the gaming world towards crypto, there is excellent news for you. The beta version of the Ultimate Battle Arena is launching on the 25th of April and you can sign up to be a tester!

Just follow the steps here: https://contests.uba.gg/

Additionally, the in-game currency, $BOV, will be launched for trading on the 28th of April in UNISWAP POLYGON. Stay tuned for announcements!



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