$ULTI is getting listed on CoinTiger and other news

Wait no longer. Ulti Arena is getting listed in CoinTiger on the 30th September!

CoinTiger claims to be the first crypto exchange to introduce an equity mechanism with its native TigerCash (TCH) token.

Ranked by CoinGecko as top # 37 among hundreds of centralized exchanges across the globe, CoinTiger has a daily trading volume of 360M USD. In mid-2019, CoinTiger users reportedly stood at 2 million across 100 countries in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe.

Deposit starts at 6am UTC and trading will go live at 10am UTC. Trading pairs available: ULTI/USDT, ULTI/TCH.

Join the CoinTiger 2,250,000 $ULTI giveaway!

Campaign1: ULTI Trading Contest and Win 1,600,000 ULTI

Campaign Duration: 30 September 10:00 am — 7 October 10:00 am (UTC)

Campaign Rules: Users who trade ULTI/USDT, trading volume (buy + sell, excluding wash trades) is ranked in the top 20 during the activity time, and KYC users whose cumulative trading volume meets the following conditions will be able to receive ULTI reward.

Campaign2: Extra Rewards for New Users!

Campaign Duration: 30 September 10:00 am — 7 October 10:00 am (UTC)

Campaign Rules: New users who meet all the requests and whose first trading token on CoinTiger is ULTI will receive extra rewards. 13,000 ULTI per person and 650,000 ULTI in total. The rewards will be distributed in order of the rank list of the campaign.

Upcoming $ULTI exchange listing: BITMART on 15th October. More on this soon.

Ulti Finance updates!

We want to make Ulti Finance the core platform for $ULTI’s. A place where you will be able to see and access all the features that will come.

The newest upcoming addition will be Finance’s new home page. Here, everyone will be able to see all the important token information like the total number of burned tokens, Market Cap, total value of distributed reflections, circulating supply and more.

This feature will help newcomers in having easier research and also the investors to have a better track on the important token information.

In the picture attached you will see how the home page will look but also how to access all the utilities.

In the future the finance page will take the main domain -> ultiarena.com

The new look of https://finance.ultiarena.com/ homepage — live on Friday 1st Oct

Sign-up to become an NFT Marketplace beta tester!

We are getting closer to the launch of the Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace whose market is gaming-centric, which we pride on as the first of its kind.

Sign-ups for the Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace beta test are now open, allowing holders an early glimpse of the upcoming contents appearing in the platform.

In this period, we will focus on onboarding artists and game studios and help them to understand the key features of the platform, but also we will need your help! As we did in the beta testing phase for staking, we will let our community try the platform and report any bugs and discrepancies.

In order to sign up for the beta test all you have to do is complete the following from: https://forms.gle/w4D5m3tznuqPALgA9.

You are required to add TestNet Network into your MetaMask wallet (guide: https://docs.binance.org/smart-chain/wallet/metamask.html)

UBA Logo from https://uba.gg/

Ultimate Battle Arena Updates

We are glad to announce that FRAG Games are working hard on development and everything is currently on schedule!

The team is actively working on developing the characters, environments and overall mechanics of the game.

Remember that all the characters presented are the final rendered version that will be available in the game. All that is remaining is to offer them a name, and this is where you, Ulters, decide.

Soon we will present the animations for death, kill, static for the presented Ultimates!
You can decide which names will be chosen for specific characters by voting here:


Grook name is winning by community’s choice
Thalia is the winning name for this healer-type of hero
This ninja-like hero will probably be named Ayra
Named after our partner — this berserker hero is Leonicorn

In case that you want to learn more about the upcoming game, take a look at our AMA with the CEO of FRAG Games:https://youtu.be/pGW-uKXyZrc

Proof of Gaming progress

Proof of concept of the distribution algorithm along with how we will use the game data to proceed the rewards is already done. Our main focus right now is to automate PoG along with tournaments feature. We have to make sure that our beta release in December 2021 will go smoothly without any issues. We plan to allow early sign up for beta tests at the very beginning of December this year. DLabs.ai is supporting us to meet our deadlines and deliver promised product on time.

That’s it #UltiArmy! Hope to bring you even more awesome news in next weeks.



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