Ulti Arena & Polygon Telegram AMA Recap

Please tell us more about Ulti Arena and its features, how is it different from the existing competitors? How can Ulti Arena excite the users?

Ulti Arena aspires to become the metaverse of all things gaming. With this in mind, we are building an ecosystem that revolves around the gaming industry with 3 main products:

1. NFT Marketplace for Game Assets where buyers and sellers can trade unique 2D/3D assets, music, sound, and UI/HUD elements. Ultimately, we want the Marketplace to be a white label solution by providing a launchpad platform for IGOs of other NFT games. We have launched our first IGO with CyberCity.game and will be launching another with @Uniqly_io on the 16th of December.

2. Proof-of-Gaming, a gaming client allowing players to earn ULTI tokens when playing games such as DOTA2, LOL, CSGO, and more. Essentially, we are making non-blockchain competitive games as Play-to-Earn.

Here’s an easy explanation for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckS_QvEKgvY

3. Crypto Trading Card Game called Ultimate Battle Arena, built in collaboration with Remote Control Productions and Frag Games. We are launching a new token called $BOV which will serve as the in-game currency and rewards token for UBA. Our pre-sale will start on 15th January 2022. You are required to hold $ULTI to get whitelisted. Read more: https://ultiarena.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/ULTI_ARENA_UBA_WHITEPAPER_ENG.pdf

Our target market goes well beyond those who are already in the cryptocurrency space.

In the Journey, so far what are the achievements in terms of partnerships, community and development?

We have invested and will invest in building our communities. With 107k followers on Twitter, 72k on TG and 17k on Discord, we’re pretty good to launch our range of products. Please remember that we just started out. 😉

Ulti Arena Pages and Social Media Channels


Aside from our partnership with Polygon, we have also formed significant partnerships over the past 3 months with some notable crypto and non-crypto institutions. Here is a list of our current partners:

We are also constantly increasing our Advisors list. Our latest addition is Ari Last, VP of Business Development at Simplex. Simplex provides infrastructure for Binance, Kucoin and Gate io. Ari will assist Ulti Arena on new exchanges.

We currently have 28,000 $ULTI holders and this is projected to grow significantly in the coming weeks as we launch Proof-of-Gaming and the first Ulti Arena Dota 2 Tournaments.

What are the challenges you faced during this entire journey? Educating users, or other aspects of building the community.

Cryptocurrency is an ever changing, fast-paced industry. It never sleeps. I can say that one of the biggest challenges we have encountered is product development. Insofar, we have not missed our roadmap targets, but there are always challenges behind the scene that the community doesn’t see. We are dedicated to bringing them quality products, within reasonable schedule despite that.

We have created a culture in Ulti Arena where our community’s suggestions are heard and attended to. We are very grateful that we have a strong, dedicated community to fight FUD and answer each others’ questions where and when they arise.

Make sure to visit our YouTube channel to see more AMA’s and latest news, hit that subscribe button to get notifications when we upload something new: https://www.youtube.com/c/UltiArena/videos

Why did you choose Polygon?

Ulti Arena plans to go multi-chain as we prepare the project and our products for mass adoption. It is clear to us that the best network to start our bridge to is Polygon.

It’s a no brainer. Building and using Ethereum-based DeFi, NFT and gaming apps is faster and cheaper in the Polygon network.

For any project, users are always having doubts about safety, so what is your stance on safety, how should a user be safe, and how secure is Ulti Arena?

Security is of utmost importance to the Ulti Arena team, and that is why we have secured 3 audits to gain and retain investors’ trust.

Our audits can be found here:




What are the recent developments in terms of the product? Are there any upcoming campaigns that you are focused on?

Currently our team is focusing on new features at NFT Marketplace including 3D support, royalty features, etc. We are adding more features and will support more types of assets soon, including music and MP4.

What you’re currently seeing on https://nft.ultiarena.com/ is just the beginning — we’re constantly working on the product and will introduce exciting things!

Later this month, we are launching both the Proof-of-Gaming and the first Ulti Arena Dota 2 Tournaments. Our next marketing campaigns will revolve around these products. We’ll be having 3 DOTA2 tournaments including China, South-East Asia and Europe.

We are also in the final phase of our development and preparations for the $BOV presale. The launchpad and website may be launched within this month as well — for Ultimate Battle Arena. Visit https://contests.uba.gg/ to participate in community voting.

What are your plans for the future, what should the community look out for? What can we expect from you guys in the future?

Right now, we are running in Binance Smart Chain. Tomorrow we are launching in Quickswap, the final step to our Polygon bridge. We are now in the planning stage of Ethereum bridge.

The Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace will soon run in Polygon too to attract users from other chains such as Ethereum, including users from OpenSea, the largest marketplace in the NFT ecosystem.

Ulti Arena will connect the non-blockchain gaming world into blockchain technology. Ulti Arena is made by gamers for gamers, we are deploying the ultimate Play2Earn solutions.

Our products don’t stop from what we have listed above. We will be launching more NFT games in the future and subsequently launch new tokens.


Have you ever considered connecting with facepunch? Who has one of the most active player bases?

Facepunch looks awesome 😉 is that a game development studio? We have plans to fundraise $20 mln next year and one of the goals is to acquire a local Polish game development studio. We plan to roll out more games in the future so we need a solid game dev team

What are the use cases of $ULTI?

30% of all Ulti Arena’s revenue goes to Buy Back and Burn

- At the center of the whole platform will be ULTI tokens. There will be multiple ways holders of ULTI tokens can benefit from Holding ULTI’s:

Artists, Game Developers will earn through sale of NFT’s through the marketplace,

- 30% of total revenue of NFT Marketplace, Proof of Gaming and our Crypto Collectible Card Game will go to Buy Back and Burn ULTI’s,

- By participating in the community discussion boards, events, competitions, tournaments: Gamers, Artists and Game Developers will earn ULTI tokens.

Access Proof-of-Gaming

- The only way to access Proof of Gaming is to buy access with ULTI Tokens,

- For each game, in order to “unlock” it and start Play2Earn, players will need to buy access with ULTI Tokens,

- There will be a possibility to trade in-game items with ULTI tokens (such as skins etc.)

Access Ultimate Battle Arena (our Game)

- ULTI tokens can be used to access and buy new card decks from our upcoming Crypto Collectible Card Game (CCCG),

- The only way to start playing Ultimate Battle Arena is through spending ULTI’s to buy the new starting deck,

- All cards in UBA will be NFT’s — as such they’ll be traded on our NFT marketplace,

- Our NFT Marketplace will accept ULTI’s as form of payment for NFT’s — so again, players will need ULTI’s to buy/sell the NFT cards on the marketplace

With Axie going to billions of dollars in marketcap in under 1 year, where do you think Ulti Arena will be headed in the next months? Convince us why Ultimate Battle Arena will be better than any other play2earn game out there?

Axie got to that point in 2 years and with $150 mln in funding. UBA will have a much better economy as there’s lots of utilities for the BOV Token (instead of SLP being dedicated just for Breeding). So I believe, with our right game economy and our game-focused partner, Frag Games, we can achieve even more. But as I said, we need funding to do lots of marketing, Axie was able to achieve that market cap with the help of Venture Capitals.

Are there any intentions to contact CD Projekt for a possible collaboration?

First we’ll collaborate with smaller / medium studios. And yes as CD PRojekt is also in Poland (we’re Poland-based), we have plans to collaborate with them in terms of Cyberpunk NFT sales.

So will venture capital help Ulti Arena in the future?

Yes, we do. But this time, we’ll be more careful who to work with and we will extend the vesting period by a lot. But yes, in order to grow, we need VC funding. In the case of other projects (even with Polygon I’ve heard it’s raising $150mln), in order to “moon” there’s heavy marketing needed — in $ millions.

We’re in talks with top Silicon Valley VC’s, including ones that invested in Axie.

If I am not mistaken, there are plans to be in the metaverse as well. Will this be built totally from zero or there will be a partnership with an existing platform like Bloktopia?

We’ll use existing Voxel engines and allow creators to mint Voxel arts as NFT’s, and also allow creators to build their own games using that engine — that’s one of the ideas

So how do you plan to market Ulti to the non investor people?

With our DOTA 2 integration, we’ll try to onboard all 11 mln active players in that game. Next games will include LoL, Valorant, CSGO, PUBG and more.




Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

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Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

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