You can now stake:

No, this is locked staking and you’ll be able to withdraw funds at the end of the staking period. During staking you’ll be able to see how much Tokens have grown since start:

2. What are the final APR’s?

The following are APR’s depending on the staking period:

14 days — 30%

30 days — 40%

60 days — 50%

90 days — 60%

180 days — 80%

365 days — 110%

3. What is APR? How is it different from APY?

Read more here:

But in short, APR doesn’t take into consideration the compounded interest rate.

4. What happens if I add more into the same staking pool (same period)?

The APR from the previous stake will be recalculated and a new stake will be added to the existing pool. The end period doesn’t change, the absolute return will change based on how much you’ve added to the existing pool. See the example at the end of this FAQ to see exactly how it works.

6. What are the staking limits?

Per one wallet: Minimum 100k ULTI’s — maximum 50 mln ULTI’s (per wallet in all pools)

For whole staking pool: Maximum 1 BLN ULTI’s (all wallets from all pools)

8. Will the USD value be calculated in real time?

Yes — $ULTI price is updated every 10 minutes and the data is taken straight from CoinmarketCap’s API.

9. How to calculate returns?

Example, the 14 days staking pool has an APR of 30%, so in 14 days you will gain approx 1,149% (30 \ 365=0.0821x14=1,1494%) .

Approximate ROI’s on different APR’s

10. Do we get taxed 6% when we stake/unstake?

No, the 6% fee won’t apply when staking/unstaking.

11. Will the entire stake be unstaked after lock? Is it possible to withdraw profits and continue one more term after the lock period?

You will need to manually collect the whole amount at the end of staking period. If you wish to add to existing pool or create a new stake — you’ll have to do it manually.

12. Can we put an unlimited amount of ULTI coins in a specific staking pool, for example a locked pool for 365 days?

The only limit here is 50 mln in all pools for one wallet and one bln for all pools for all wallets.

13. IS APR dynamic? Can it go from 30% to 50%?

No, the APR is static and can not be changed.

14. Can I unstake my ULTI coins?

Unfortunately that’s not possible, in a locked period you can not unstake your ULTI coins.

15. Does staking give me also reflections?

Unfortunately not — that would be too overpowered ;)

16. I’m from PreSales — can I stake the tokens in the launchpad?

You’ll need to claim ULTI’s from the launchpad and then then stake.

17. How do I connect with Trust Wallet?

Step 1: choose WalletConnect from the “Connect Wallet” menu

Step 2: choose TrustWallet

Step 3: in TrustWallet, choose Binance Smart Chain network:

Step 4: get back to — you should now be connected and ready to stake!

Example of staking process:

Scenario 1: You are selecting a pool with 100% APR. You deposit 100,000 ULTI coins for 365 days. After 365 days you are receiving an additional 100% of what you have deposited. That means you are receiving = 100,000 ULTI coins + 100,000 ULTI coins = 200,000 ULTI coins.

Scenario 2: You are selecting a pool with 100% APR. You deposit 100,000 ULTI coins for 365 days. But after 182,5 days you decided to add an additional 50,000 of ULTI coins in to your existing stake. That means that 100,000 ULTI coins worked for half time (182,5 days) and you earned 50,000 ULTI coins but since you added an extra 50,000 to your staking pool (150,000 ULTI coins in total in the staking pool), your next 182,5 days will gain you 75,00 ULTI coins. That means that after 365 days you will receive an extra 125,000 ULTI coins to your initial deposit = 100.000 ULTI coins + 50,000 ULTI coins + 75,00 ULTI coins = you will be able to withdraw total amount of 225,000 ULTI coins from the staking pool after 365 days.

Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers