Proof of Gaming Frequently Asked Questions | Instructions How-To?

How does Proof-of-Gaming work?
Firstly, users sign in to the PoG client with their Steam accounts. PoG client then connects to games and collects data via an external API. Players get rewarded $ULTI Tokens based on their in-game performance. Stats such as damage given, damage taken, damage dealt to objectives, shield score, ward score, kills, assists etc. are taken into account and calculated by the algorithm. We wanted players from all roles to have the opportunity to earn rewards and not be limited by the role they play. Hence, we made sure to create an algorithm that is sufficient enough to calculate a variety of statistics so that players from support/tank roles aren’t limited to earn as much as carry roles.

TL;DR: Get a Metamask Wallet -> Set your Steam Profile to PUBLIC -> Connect BOTH to Proof-of-Gaming Dashboard: <Proof of Gaming>

To understand the rewards system better, watch this video:

Also, join our community chats so we can better assist you for any questions you may have–



Do I need to install anything on my PC?
No. Proof-of-Gaming is 100% cloud-based and you do not need to install anything for the Proof-of-Gaming itself, just need to ensure that your Steam account is set to public and you have a MetaMask wallet or any other wallet extension which we support. You don’t need to have your browser open while playing.

How do I make my account public?
Setting your profile to PUBLIC is the only way we can determine your possible $ULTI earnings. Make sure that prior to playing DotA 2, you follow all instructions below.


  1. Launch Steam

2. Go to your Steam profile

3. Click “Edit Profile”

4. Go to “Privacy Settings”

5. Set my profile to “Public”

6. Set game details to “Public”

7. Uncheck “Always keep my total playtime private even if users can see my game details”


  1. Launch DotA 2.
  2. Click on the gear icon on the upper left part of your screen.

3. Go to Social tab, and tick ‘Expose Public Match Data’

4. That’s all you need to do! You are ready to play and earn!

How do I set up a MetaMask wallet?

Only follow this if you have no MetaMask wallet yet.

  1. Head over to
  2. Click on Chrome, then Install MetaMask for Chrome.

4. Click ‘Add to Chrome’, then ‘Add Extension’

5. Click on ‘Get Started’, then ‘Create Wallet’

6. Create a password, read and agree to the Terms and Conditions, and click Create

7. Watch the short video and click Next.

8. IMPORTANT: Take note of your SECRET RECOVERY PHRASE and keep it somewhere SAFE. This is the only way you can access your account in the future. Nobody can help you if you lose it. NEVER connect your wallet to suspicious websites and NEVER give your recovery phrase to an untrusted individual.

9. Reveal your secret words, take note of them, then click Next. You will be asked to repeat your secret words on the next page.

10. You’re all set!

Your WALLET ADDRESS is located on the top of the screen:

Now, you need to connect your wallet to Binance Smart Chain by following the instructions on this link:

How much can I earn?
The amount earned depends on players’ performance thus it’s hard to come up with a solid number. However, in one of our streams where we showcased PoG, Duke, Ulti Arena CEO, has earned ~5K Ulti Tokens — details here:

In essence; the better you play, the more you earn.

Do I need to pay for anything?
Yes. There is a monthly subscription to access the Proof-of-Gaming. Currently, it is 50,000 $ULTI (as of 29/12/2021). The algorithm ensures that at this price, the players will be able to earn back their investment + earn more based on their gameplay. The number of hours you spend playing should also be considered (inside the match).

What are the game requirements?
PoG will only work on ranked games; it will not work on casual games or in any other game modes. Subscriptions will be made monthly, we are currently finishing up on details regarding pricing.

How do I see my earnings?
Your earnings will reflect on the dashboard. The PoG system collects game data 00:00 to 11:59pm, will process and distribute tokens, then will reflect in your account within 24 hours.

How can I withdraw my earnings?
There is a 7-day vesting period for tokens, eg. the rewards you earn on a Monday can be withdrawn the following Monday.

Are there going to be partnerships made between Ulti Arena and game firms?
Since PoG uses external API, we can collect in-game data without the need for direct partnership with game firms. We are hopeful that in the future, we can have formal partnerships with the games that we are adopting into Proof-of-Gaming.

Aside from DotA 2, what are other games that Proof-of-Gaming will support?

Almost every ranked competitive game can be adopted by Proof-of-Gaming. We are looking into adding CS:GO, Valorant, League of Legends, etc. soon. We will do community voting! You get to decide which game we will integrate into it!

Are there games that will have bigger rewards than the others or every game rewards are proportionate to each other?
Although each game poses a different algorithm, we make sure that all games will reward players proportionally. No specific game will give better rewards than the others.

Where the stats of ongoing PoG games will be displayed? Example: game, address associated with user, time spent on game, rewards allocated and rewards kept (if any)
We are creating a dashboard where the users can view their earnings and information. It will be available at our website.




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Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

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