Post-launch stats and why we’re super proud of our investors community!

We have finally got some spare time to write down all the sparkling successes we’ve achieved so far (despite early disruption right after launch). This is what we’ve achieved so far in the past few days (it feels like ages, right?):

Tokenomics reminder

As explained before, the Fully-Diluted Market Cap doesn’t reflect the true potential of our project, this is because:

Here’s a reminder of how our Tokenomics looks like after burns:

Tokenomics after Burns:

Tokenomics after all burns

The sniper bot event at launch

We had over 200 sniper bots blacklisted before and right after the launch. Unfortunately, 1 passed through our anti-bot measures. To understand what was happening, we would like to remind about the built-in features in the contract that prevent such events:

Here’s also a short recap of what happened around the launch time:

You can check the whole event history here:

After looking into the historical traders of this Wallet, we found out that we’re not the first and the last target of the malicious trader. Here’s a full history of all the traders he/she’s been engaged in:

We put a lot of effort into ensuring our investors’ safety, we’ve done multiple steps such as:

As such, we’re confident we have tried every single measure to prevent any attacks to the contract and the $ULTI Token price itself.

What’s coming ahead and why we’re super excited!

We’re strong believers in building great products that attract customers. Our philosophy is that the demand from the product will create a strong positive price pressure, not the spending on marketing to promote the coin itself. Building the right product-market fit is the only way to generate revenue which will be used for Buy back & Burn affecting positively on the price.

Here’s what’s coming ahead in the following months:

And here’s a full list of ULTI token use cases as a reminder:

30% of all Ulti Arena’s revenue goes to Buy Back and Burn

At the center of the whole platform will be ULTI tokens. There will be multiple ways holders of ULTI tokens can benefit from Holding ULTI’s:

6% tax — 2% burn, 2% reflection and 2% auto-LP

Deflationary tokenomics:

Staking and Yield Farming

Access Proof of Gaming

Access Ultimate Battle Arena (Our Own Game)

Discounts and Rewards

Thank you all for your early support and we’re excited to announce even more interesting news in upcoming months. Stay tuned for more!

Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers