Ulti Arena

You can now bridge your $ULTI from BSC (BEP-20) to POLYGON

You can now bridge your $ULTI with $MATIC to Polygon network to prepare for Quickswap launch!

Here’s how:

1. Go to https://bit.ly/AddMATICtoMetamask and follow instructions to add Polygon to your Metamask.

2. Go to https://crosschainbridge.org/bridge/tokens to start the bridge. Click CONNECT WALLET, then METAMASK.

3. Click SELECT A CURRENCY and choose ULTI. This is the $ULTI Polygon contract address in case you don’t see it in your token list: 0xA6516F07c5fc7169fcA3149b188C37CA617F1D41

4. The source network (From) will auto-populate to Binance Smart Chain. Select Polygon network from the TO drop-down.

5. APPROVE ULTI, then CONFIRM in Metamask.

6. You can add ULTI to your assets list using this contract address: 0xA6516F07c5fc7169fcA3149b188C37CA617F1D41

7. Confirm Bridging, then Confirm in Metamask.

8. The transfer is not made automatically, you need to claim from the bridge page. Click Claim ULTI Tokens.

IMPORTANT: You need MATIC to pay for gas fees to claim your ULTI.

And you’re done!

To reiterate, we will begin trading in Quickswap on 10th December!

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