Ulti Arena


5th November is NATIONAL DONUT DAY! Sweet!

You know what else is sweet? ULTI ARENA DROPPING MASSIVE NEWS TODAY!

At 1PM CET, we are dropping transaction taxes to 0. That’s right! No more taxes on Pancakeswap! This move is to prepare us on our upcoming launch on the Polygon chain and listing on A-tier CEXs. Wen Binance, you ask? Big reveal in the coming weeks!

Buy $ULTI here: https://bit.ly/3CQ6EzZ

Also happening today at 6PM CET is the most awaited Ulti Arena NFT Marketplace launch! Hundreds of game studios and game artists await to upload their works to join the NFT craze. All at the same time, these creators will promote Ulti Arena on their social media pages creating a huge wave of exposure to new sets of eyes.

Check out the Marketplace: https://nft.ultiarena.com/

Huge marketing push kicked off on Youtube, Telegram and Twitter that will reach 50M+ people combined!

Additionally, our partners will help in promoting the NFT Marketplace launch!

More are adverts and promotions are coming!

And, just when you thought 5th November is already great, it just keeps on getting better!

Today, we signed and closed the deal with SIMPLEX!

This move will allow new and existing $ULTI holders to purchase their coins using their CREDIT CARDS DIRECTLY! Soon, we will also integrate this payment form on the NFT Marketplace!

Simplex is a subsidiary of Nuvel which provides payment processing for Steam. Simplex also provides infra for Binance, Kucoin and Gate io.

BIGGER NEWS are coming to Ulti Arena in the next months as we launch our products!

We thank the community for your continuous support! Let’s bring Ulti Arena to the rest of the world!