Ulti Arena

Certik Audit and what it means for Ulti Arena

So what’s up with the audit?

  1. UCC-09 | Variable _rOwned not updated (FIXED)
    This one we resolved: recommendation was applied in newest version of the contract. So what was the issue here? Variable _rOwned was not updated in function setRewardExclusion() , which will make the accounts included siphon off the tokens out of the balances of all token holders. Details of this finding can be seen in this article from Pera Finance: https://perafinance.medium.com/safemoon-is-it-safe-though-a-detailed-explanation-of-frictionless-yield-bug-338710649846
  2. UCC-10 | Centralized risk in _addLiquidity ((ACKNOWLEDGED)
    Ownership will be granted to multi-signature (Gnosis Safe) account that is controlled by the Ulti Arena team. In the future, we will consider introducing DAO and community involvement. Besides that team want to control LP of PancakeSwap Router v2 in order to migrate it when and if PancakeSwap Router ever updates to v3 or newer versions.
Read more here: https://hackernoon.com/no-sandwich-please-popular-defi-attack-strategy-analysis-jk1734rf

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