$BOV Presale Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

What is UBA?

Ultimate Battle Arena or UBA is a blockchain game on the Polygon Network that allows players to battle, purchase, collect, fuse, and sell Ultimates. It is the first of many NFT games that Ulti Arena will be releasing!

Is $BOV a replacement of $ULTI?

No. Just as Axie has $SLP, Ultimate Battle Arena has $BOV as its in-game currency and rewards token. $ULTI is and will always be Ulti Arena’s governance token and will be used in every game and platform that we will launch, including UBA. You need $ULTI to purchase card decks in UBA.

When will the game launch?

The beta version of the UBA will be released in April 2022. The game launch is set for May 2022. We are yet to decide whether the UBA beta version will be publicly available or just to a chosen few. Please wait for an announcement.

What is BOVs tokenomics?

UBA has unlimited supplies. As players win battles, $BOV tokens will be minted. With a lot of utilities for $BOV token in-game, we are confident the demand will far surpass the supply.

Initial supply during presale and TGE are as follows:

What are the $BOV use cases?

  • Win battles with other players and earn $BOV Tokens
  • Quests: Every 24 hours, players will be given a new quest
  • Quests give a bonus of $BOV
  • End of Season $BOV bonuses based on your position on the leaderboards/rank
  • Use $BOV to get Tournament Passes (prize pools) and sign up for Season rewards
  • Spend $BOV to Reroll or Fuse your cards
  • Creating/merging into new card NFT’s.

Will BOV be a deflationary token?

Players will burn $BOV Tokens while leveling up their Ultimates. The team is yet to discuss more burn mechanisms in the future.

Do I need $ULTI to play UBA?

Yes. The only way to purchase decks of cards is by using $ULTI.

Is BOV only for UBA or can it be used in future games as well?

$BOV is exclusive for UBA. Ulti Arena will launch a new token for every game that will be developed. However, $ULTI will be used in all of them.

How do I qualify on a whitelist/presale?

While there is no requirement to get whitelisted, you need to lock 100,000 $ULTI tokens in the launchpad to participate in the $BOV presale. If you wish to receive bonus $BOV tokens, you need to lock additional 500,000 ULTI tokens. You can buy your $ULTI here: https://bit.ly/BuyULTIPancakeswap

When is the presale?

We have 3 tiers of $BOV presale

1. Presale 1–19th January 2:00 PM UTC to 2nd February 1:59 PM UTC

2. Presale 2–2nd February 2:00 PM UTC to 16th February 1:59 PM UTC

3. Presale 3–16th February 2:00 PM UTC to 2nd March 1:59 PM UTC

Do note, however, that $BOV tokens for each tier is capped as below:

Can I still edit my email address?

No, we cannot edit your information.

If you have whitelisted with an incorrect email but did not lock your ULTI yet, please complete the whitelisting using another wallet.

If you have whitelisted an incorrect email and already locked your ULTI, please let an admin know.

I’m having problems connecting my wallet or proceeding with my transactions. What should I do?

Please clear your cache or use a different browser. This works 99% of the time. If not, please contact our admins.

What network is the presale?

The presale is not network-specific at this point because it is supported by CoinPayments. You only need your ULTI tokens to be in BSC to connect and lock them in the launchpad. However, you need a Polygon wallet to receive your $BOV at TGE. More info on this soon.

What are the coins that will be accepted in buying BOV?

  • BTC
  • BNB BEP20
  • BUSD BEP20
  • USDT BEP20
  • USDC BEP20
  • ETH BEP20
  • ETH ERC20
  • USDT ERC20
  • USDC ERC20
  • DAI ERC20
  • ADA BEP2
  • SHIB ERC20
  • SHIB BEP20
  • TLOS Telos
  • LTC Litecoin
  • DOGE Dogecoin

Can I avoid whitelisting KYC?

KYC is only required for those who will purchase $2500 or more worth of $BOV. If you do not want to KYC, you can whitelist multiple wallets (one unique email each) and purchase less than $2500 worth with each.

Can I purchase less than the amount that I whitelisted for?


If I missed Presale 1, do I need to whitelist for Presale 2 or 3 again? And do I need to lock ULTI tokens again?

No and no. You only need to whitelist your wallet and lock ULTI tokens ONCE. You can participate in multiple/all Presale tiers within your whitelisted investment amount range.

Can I purchase $BOV multiple times?

Yes, within your whitelisted investment amount range.

Can I purchase more than the amount that I whitelisted for?

No. You need to whitelist a new wallet and email address and proceed with KYC when necessary.

Is there a max buy per address?

No minimum buy. No maximum buy.

When is the official launch / public sale?

$BOV will be open for trading on 9th March 2022 either in Quickswap or Uniswap Polygon. Please wait for the announcement.

How long is the vesting period?

Your $BOV tokens will be linearly unlocked over a period of 6 months.

What is Cliff?

Cliff means that you will not get your tokens in a specific period of time. After the Cliff, vesting will begin.

Based on the decription given above, here is a sample scenario:

Person A locked 100,000 ULTI to qualify for the presale.

Person A locked additional 500,000 $ULTI to qualify for the bonus.

Person A paid for 100,000 $BOV tokens during Presale 1.

Person A is allocated 110,000 $BOV because of the bonus tokens.

On TGE (9th March), Person A can claim 11,000 $BOV from the launchpad.

No tokens will be released in the next 30 days starting 10th March.

From 10th April, Person A may claim 550 $BOV tokens every day for 180 days.

Person A may claim $BOV tokens as often as they want.

Person A’s vesting period will end in October where they can claim 100% of their BOV tokens.

Person A can claim the 600,000 locked $ULTI in October after the $BOV vesting ends.

Where can I claim my locked ULTI tokens?

It can be claimed at the https://finance.ultiarena.com site under LOCKER (will be available soon).

Will the ULTI tokens still be locked if the whitelist participant decides not to purchase during the presale?

Yes. As part of our security features, locked ULTI tokens are directed to another contract. This means that we do not have direct access to them and will therefore be unlocked in the same manner as all the others.

Will it be the same requirements for Presales 2 and 3?


Is there a scholarship program in UBA like in Axie?

We are planning to integrate this feature. Please wait for the announcement.

Do they have a plan on applying for the Binance MVB program?





Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

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Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

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