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Usually, when you hear LOL in a casual conversation, you tend to think the speaker refers to some funny event. Unless you’re into competitive gaming. Then LOL is getting an entirely different meaning, and it’s becoming a dead serious kind of a topic sparking long debates.

With esports gaining popularity, publicity, and prominence, playing games like LOL and DOTA can become a full-time job (a pretty profitable one). With stakes reaching tens of millions of dollars, MOBA tournaments are nothing to be laughed at.

In 2021 esports are big, and MOBA are in the top ten of the most significant…

2020 was a year like no other. The coronavirus took its toll on virtually every area of the world. However, crypto investors will remember 2020 for an entirely different reason. It was a year that witnessed an unprecedented boom in the NFT market.

By May of 2021, NFT saw mainstream press coverage, which is the best sign that the phenomenon was noticed. NFT transactions can now be worth tens of millions of dollars. But how has this frenzy even started?

Before Ethereum

The emergence of every significant phenomenon has a timestamp; A moment in time from which events take a straight path…

Continued from Part 3


Using 3D graphics for entertainment purposes through animation and video games is the most well-established application of 3D modelling technology, but by no means does that make it any less exciting. In fact, computer-generated imagery, or CGI, is exploding with creative potential every day. It’s the most artistic and expressive part of the 3D industry, and it’s becoming the standard for games, films, music videos, and anything that requires special effects in post-production.

Some Basics

3D animation means moving around a 3-dimensional scene composed of models, objects, and backgrounds. …

Continued from Part 2

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is creating a physical object from a digital design. The invention of the 3D printer is really as revolutionary as the invention of Gutenberg’s printing press. It has a huge impact on the social, cultural, and even political landscape.

Making Great Stuff

As the old physical molds of past industry are being replaced with digital, 3D-printable files, we’re democratizing our commodities. …

Here’s a really short, comprehensive guide on how to participate in Ulti Arena’s Private Sale / PreSale events. You can also watch your video here.

Remember: Always always check if you’re sending to our official address !


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Remember to add BSC to your MetaMask, read more here:

A. Preparation: Background Checks

  1. If you plan to invest <$2500 then you only have to whitelist your BSC Wallet (BEP20)
  2. If you plan to invest between $2500 and $5000 — then you’ll only…

Proof-of-gaming is a novel concept and it’s a simple one at that. According to Ulti Arena — a NFT marketplace for game assets, it’s the answer for the ongoing increase in bitcoin mining energy consumption problem. The more you play, the higher the chances of mining the next block of ULTI coin.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption problem

But first, let’s start with the problem. Was Elon Musk right to voice his concerns over the “rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining.”? By some measures, the cryptocurrency uses more energy than entire countries such as Sweden and Malaysia. …

Continued from Part 1

It is incredibly inspiring to be witness to the birth of a new medium. For this generation, that means Virtual Reality (VR) and its cousin, Augmented Reality (AR).

What’s VR?

Virtual reality is complete immersion into a 3D environment that surrounds the viewer in 360 degrees. It is an astounding departure from even the most intense 3D film experiences. Viewers experience VR through a special VR headset, or through their smartphone in combination with a cardboard viewer and harness.

  • Inclusivity. With the inclusion of spatial surround sound and motion-tracking technology, VR is capable of truly placing the viewer…

Statement Of Purpose

Ulti Arena wants to help the digital creative industry to grow. We’d like to offer all of the artists, creators, and gamers in the gaming industry an educational and inspirational snapshot of the field as of today. This is our offer back to the community we are trying to support. Our aim is to compile a resource worthy of your time; one that will help de-tangle the buzzwords surrounding “3D.” This means hot topics like virtual reality, 3D printing, computer animation, and 3D simulation. Our market report serves as a comprehensive guide to the industry as of today. …

Dear Ulters!

Thank you for joining our AMA! Next AMA will be announced soon. Here’s a photo of us if you missed it (the founder does look like he’s drunk):

First Ulti Arena’s AMA on

Remember our contest is still LIVE!

Exciting news today! Our contract is on TestNet! We encourage you to have a look at it, if you find any bugs or anything for us to improve, let us know! We will soon release the contract for professional audit to look for any security flaws. Stay tuned. Here’s the contract on BSCScan:

Dear Ulters!

We’re past 500 earliest committed backers! To give you the perspective, if each of the backer sent 5 BNB’s, he/she would get 26 MLN ULTI Coins! (that’s 5.2 MLN per 1 BNB in Private Sale’s Price). Given IDO’s price of $0.001 — that’s already $26 000 from $2 500 invested (that’s at least 10x when IDO/TGE!). Remember, DYOR #notfinancialadvice, you commit funds at your own risk and only invest what you can lose!

We have a $100 prize in BNB’s for our community, see our tweet!

There were a lot of questions regarding the Private Sale /…

Ulti Arena

Ulti Arena is a NFT Marketplace and Community of Game Artists and Developers

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